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Student CranioSacral Therapy

If you are curious to find out more about CST as a modality and how it can help you then having a session with our student practitioner could well be helpful for you.


The sessions last roughly an hour and whilst allowing the practitioner to hone their skills, these treatments will also be very beneficial for you too.


The techniques used are appropriate to the level of training that has been given and the guidelines that student practitioners adhere to are designed to allow treatment to be effective (as well as being very gentle) whilst being entirely safe.


Nick MacIvor is a student member of the CranioSacral Society and fully insured to practice.


One hour sessions are £20 with £5 of that fee being donated to the Upledger Community Programmes UK which is working to fund research into CST and its benefits whilst also running intensive treatment programmes for veterans and special needs people - a very worthwhile cause.

Or a mini session perhaps...

If you're a bit pushed for time or just fancying a taster then feel free to ask for a half hour session with us; mini sessions are available for £10 by arrangement and can be a good way of taking some time for yourself while not impacting too heavily on your day.

Meet your student practitioner

The eagle eyed amongst you may recognise Nick as being traditionally more front of house in the clinic.


He embarked on the start of his training early in 2017 completing a foundation course in anatomy, physiology and pathology with the College of Body Science. After this Nick moved to completing the first stage of his core training with the Upledger Institute UK.


Further training is to come later in 2017 and throughout 2018/19 and Nick hopes to be able to share some of his journey with you.


Treatment sessions are available Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturdays. Please call the clinic to arrange an appointment or to ask any further questions.


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